How to Book the Film

Bring the film to your town, school, or organization!

As a film event, KQIB has been traveling the country on an engagement tour, and the events have been impactful and engaging for audiences. As an entertaining film that raises important topics, KQIB creates a space for inquiry and open discussion of complex topics.

The film’s booking fee is $650 for a screening and $150 for additional screenings at the same time/event. Bringing the director, a producer, and/or one of the film’s stars for a Q&A or discussion event/panel involves covering travel and a speaking honorarium of $400.

That said, we sisters want the film to be accessible to all, so work with you to make it fit for your budget. For instance, one way to make this easily affordable for your group is to work with other groups for multiple screenings in one trip, thus sharing the costs between organizations.

We look forward to working with you to bring KQIB to your group. Contact us at kqibfilm AT gmail DOT com or 310-916-9557.

Film distribution:

We are pleased to announce that we are working with the forward-thinking distribution company CANDY FACTORY FILMS. For more info, see: #RethinkFilm

Contact: (518) 450-8611,